Meet the Founder of the Reimagined Mission

Having grown-up motherless and in foster care throughout his youth, Prescott experienced homelessness and suffered from malnutrition; he is sensitive to the experience and what it is like to live and survive under such tragic conditions.


Courageous, grateful and blessed, Prescott turned his unfortunate life circumstance into promise, to become a successful entrepreneur and businessman. Today, Prescott is the Co-Founder of As a personal dedication, and in the spirit of helping those less fortunate, he re-established Hands Across America.

Launched in 2000, Dreamstime has transformed the stock photo business to become one of the world's largest stock photo communities. Offering high-quality stock content, generated by a dynamic and diverse community of more than 650,000 photographers, artists and videographers worldwide, the platform features over 145+ million files and employs proprietary AI, PhotoEye to filter 3 million monthly approvals as a complement to Dreamstime editor experts.

With the goal and objective to become more actively involved in social and community philanthropic endeavors, and public education and environmental awareness campaigns, Dreamstime has championed community initiatives in support of various charitable organizations (including WHO and Doctors Without Borders); has lent a helping hand to supply free subscriptions to NGOs during the COVID-19 pandemic and teachers and students to facilitate access and visual support to complete assignments. Demonstrating its innovative and steadfast corporate responsibility, Dreamstime established the "COVID-19 Momentum Challenge” in June 2020 as a community-centered strategy to enhance its members’ livelihood; at present, its 650,000 contributors receive an additional 10% in all royalties in addition to donations.

“The virtual Hands Across America 2021 ceremony comes at a time when our country is divided by differing opinions, devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and troubled with individuals suffering from hunger and homelessness,” said Jeff Prescott. “With the number of homeless in the U.S. estimated at 552,830 and 115 million new households estimated to fall into food insecurity as a result of COVID in 2021, Hands Across America is a movement that cannot wait.”


The reintroduction of Hands Across America (a 501c3 charity), driven by Prescott’s personal passion to raise awareness surrounding hunger and homelessness in the U.S., arrives with the objective to become a bigger, more powerful philanthropic movement by transforming the charitable giving climate altogether, while simultaneously unifying Americans of all races, color, creed, educational backgrounds and financial status. 

“Without unification, we are nothing. Our goal is influenced by people—American people and their needs—to help the less fortunate through unfortunate circumstances large or small,” Prescott further introduced. “If we help ‘enough’ in this country, then we can make a world of difference. We need to bring it back home so that other nations can look up to us for the right reasons. The People.”

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